Russia is a big, beautiful nation with the varied landscape, culture, entertainment, and activities. Unless you’re a holder of a diplomatic or service passport, then you’ll need to apply for a visa during the Russian visa application center, instead of the consulate as possible for different nations.

Here are a couple of tips to assist you with the visa program:

From the goal segment, enter travel dates and reassuring organization details as they look in your tourist coupon or invite, even when you’re planning a shorter trip to Russia, also book the mosocow hotels for your visit at Russia.

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You’ll be asked which countries you’ve visited in the past ten decades. You are able to include just the states wherein your passport has been stamped on departure or arrival. In the same way, when you’ve seen a nation more than once, you will need only cite the previous trip as well as the related dates of travel.

You’ll also be asked about past education and employment. You do not need to be concerned about entering precise addresses for these positions: simply include town and state of employment. If you can’t recall contact information for companies, you are able to enter zeros in the phone number area.

In case you’ve not worked or studied, you’ll have to address a letter to the Russian embassy affirming this actuality.