With extreme heat comes extra wear on the tread and thickness of your tires. This is especially true for highway miles and long trips. This adds to the concern for reliability and traction. In addition to the extreme heat of tar, pavement and other damaging summer surfaces generally comes added miles, which can quickly wear on your car and those wheels that cover all those miles. Any tire repairs from tire repair servicesdone during the summer will also need a second look before the rainy season starts.

You Need Tire Repair After Summer Driving

So what does all this mean? Autumn is looming and with that and the winter season come the demands of excellent traction, appropriate tire pressure, and well-balanced tires. Slick leaves, snow, and ice along with other winter driving considerations require a look at our tires before summer ends. How much tread is left, has the heat had an impact on tire pressure, and have the tires worn evenly, are just a few of the questions to be considered when visiting a tire repairs shop.

Like most of us, you probably aren’t a tire repair expert. Yet we know enough to ask the right questions, to evaluate a potentially hazardous situation and ensure that our tires are in excellent driving condition.

That also means that we ask for our mechanic’s expert opinion. Then we simply address any needed tire repairs or replacement. After that, we can enjoy the end of summer in comfort and have the peace of mind that our vehicle is ready for the change of seasons, even if we aren’t